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About company

We have been on the market for 10 years!

Elektroserwis Company was founded in 2003 through the initiative and ideas of young entrepreneurs from Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Poland.

Our innovative approach, excellent knowledge, the desire to develop, commitment and passion, have come together to produce a well-known and highly regarded company in the market. With attractive products, prices, services and promotions, we have gained the trust of many Polish and international customers. Customer loyalty and the continuous influx of new clients has made our brand famous and prosperous. Having operated for more than ten years, our extensive experience and knowledge of the market has opened the door to a wider scene. Long-term cooperation with major corporations and businesses, both domestically and abroad, participation in conferences, training sessions and discussions have allowed us to hone our skills and develop them together with electronic ending times. For years, we have presented our work on electronic trade fairs, thus documenting our position in the Polish and foreign markets, which is reflected in our reliability and growing trust of our customers. Our employees and business partners are trustworthy witnesses to our success and share it with others! We are openminded and adapt well in the face of change. We experiment in this field every day and we optimistically look at the results of our work. Quality of our work has been appreciated by many famous companies. The further expansion of the company is our top priority! If your work is also your passion and modern technology holds no mystery for you or you wish to discover new secrets with us, we would welcome your cooperation!


Why us?

- We are professionals - we know have an in-depth knowledge of our field
- Our knowledge and experience have shown us to be strong competitors
- Our work is our passion – we cannot imagine a world without it
- We are open to new ideas and technology
- The world is changing and we will go with it to the front
- Good humour - yes, we are optimists!
- We understand the needs of our customers - after all, we are also customers themselves
- We offer top quality equipment and any assistance related to it
- We love our work, and it loves us. ;)

We offer

 We offer you:

- Electronic service
- professional IT equipment
- Telecommunication service
- Installation of electricals
- Installation of television networks
- Installation of CCTV
- Installation of telecommunication networks
- Installation of computer networks
- Advisory and Consulting
- Projects
- Sales of electronic equipment
- IT sales

We offer